Six essential updates for World Sickle Cell Day

Six essential updates for World Sickle Cell Day

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World Sickle Cell Day is held every June 19.

The observance — established by the United Nations — is designed to increase knowledge and understanding of sickle cell disease, as well as the challenges that patients, their families and their caregivers face.

1. HemOnc Today’s June 10 cover story focused on sickle cell disease, the most common inherited blood disorder in the United States. Hematologists and researchers offered insights into new approaches to treatment and management of sickle cell disease-related pain, research aimed at curing this debilitating illness, and the need for initiatives to improve access to care in the United States and globally. Read more.

2. In the June 10 edition of Point/Counter, two sickle cell disease specialists debate whether new therapies will lead to a change or reduction in use of hydroxyurea for sickle cell disease-related pain management. Read more.

3 . Voxelotor (GBT440, Global Blood Therapeutics) increased hemoglobin levels and reduced markers of hemolysis compared with placebo among patients with sickle cell disease, according to results of a randomized phase 3 study. Read more.

4. Refugees arriving in Europe from countries with high rates of sickle cell disease should be immediately screened for the disease to help prevent acute crises and potentially fatal complications, according to results of a retrospective study published in Blood. Read more.

5. Immersive virtual reality appeared effective as a complementary therapy to manage vaso-occlusive pain among patients with sickle cell disease. Read more.

6. ASH launched a clinical trials network designed to accelerate development of novel therapies for patients with sickle cell disease. The network will match clinical trial sponsors with research sites, facilitate patient recruitment and provide consulting services. A core component will be a centralized data repository. Read more.

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