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The Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta (SCFA) is a volunteer-based organization in Alberta dedicated to creating awareness about sickle cell disease and to providing services to sickle cell patients. SCFA was founded in 2001 by Dr Ekua Yorke and Dr Jojo Yorke. Sickle Cell Disease is one of the most common childhood-onset, single-gene disorder. Our mission is to help sickle cell patients deal with their condition, supporting them to achieve improved quality of life and well-being and attaining their full potential. The users of our services range from infants to adults. Some of the group are themselves the patients while others users are parents, family members and health care providers.

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The only known cure for Sickle Cell Disease is a stem cell transplant (or bone marrow transplant). Due to the difficulty in finding an identical match and the significant risks involved in this procedure, including life-threatening complications, it is rarely an option for sickle cell patients.