Life is a Painting by Hertz Nazaire

Life is a Painting by Hertz Nazaire

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Sharing with someone what the experience of sickle cell crisis feels like is difficult. What is that moment when pain is at its peak? How do you explain how much impact pain truly has on your life? You would think that being sick so often, it would be an easier task for me to know exactly how to explain this feeling. I did not find my way to communicate pain as a child. I was fairly quiet on the subject and depended on my mother to advocate for me when a crisis arose. I did find my way though. Pain is not that simple to explain, it is an overwhelming experience that has many long-lasting effects on one’s life experience. If this experience repeats as often as it does when you have sickle cell disease, finding a normal, peaceful path through life becomes a great challenge. Unfortunately, sickle cell disease is just the kind of disease that allows for hundreds of such experiences. I ended up using art to share my pain and help others understand this experience. Art is more than just words; it captures and says much more.  See more at

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