Addressing Global Issues

Addressing Global Issues

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World Sickle Cell Awareness Day on June 19, was first celebrated in 2009 and continues to be a great opportunity for organizations around the world and the sickle cell disease (SCD) global community to raise public awareness about the disease.

Today, the American Society of Hematology (ASH) is proud to share significant progress in the Society’s transformative, multi-faceted, patient-centric initiative to improve outcomes for individuals with the disease, both in the United States and globally, by bringing together stakeholders in the public and private sectors committed to significantly improving the state of SCD worldwide.

The following includes highlights of tools and programs ASH has created to help improve the lives of individuals living with SCD worldwide. We encourage you to learn, spread the word, and take action today

• Learn more about the Consortium on Newborn Screening in Africa for SCD (CONSA), an ASH-supported collaboration to increase capacity for newborn screening, education, and clinical interventions for SCD in sub-Saharan Africa.
• Watch this video to learn more about ASH’s Global SCD Initiative.

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