Valissa Providence

Valissa Providence

Valissa Providence,

28 years old, medical office assistant

In school for a medical laboratory assistant.

I have been on the red cell blood exchange program for at least 7-8 years now and just recently started taking hydroxyurea again for 2 months now to help. Mainly because the red cell exchange alone is now not working to help me stay out of the hospital. Since July last year, I’ve got an Ivad port put in because the temp line was becoming too complicated andantes very painful experience every 4 weeks that I needed blood. So far, after the port has healed it seems to be much better for me rather than the temp line and less painful.

What encourages me helps me to keep pushing is God, going to church and reading the Bible. Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold, I am the lord, the god of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?“ this scripture reminds me that God has my back and one day will heal me from all my pain I feel.


Did you know?

The only known cure for Sickle Cell Disease is a stem cell transplant (or bone marrow transplant). Due to the difficulty in finding an identical match and the significant risks involved in this procedure, including life-threatening complications, it is rarely an option for sickle cell patients.